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My papers are mostly about youth engagement, popular culture and using computer-human interaction to improve civic engagement. You also can read my medium stories here

How do films help us in understanding the cultural and historical context of society? How cinematic representations differ from real-life experiences? 
This chapter explores teenagers' everyday life practices in Iran. By reviewing two films featuring teenagers in the early 21st century, we conclude that young people's experiences are different from adults, and the social and cultural structure of society influence teens' experiences. Explore more about the book here


This chapter is  about evaluating young people's participation in Rocky Hill Trail project. The Rocky Hill Trail project grew out of a more encompassing effort to enlist youth in discussing, identifying, and promoting needed change in their community. Young people could transfer a path of dirt, which they used as their way to school, to a paved and refurbished route and named it Rocky hill trail. You can read more about the chapter and the book here.  


Jorunal papers 

My papers about youth involvement have been feathered in some journals, which can be accessed on my Researchgate and my GoogleScholar

I have also worked as an editor in Redfeather Journal. 

Back in Iran, I was one of the editors of the Journal of Urban Research (Jostarhaye Shahrsazi in Farsi). I compiled, contributed, and reviewed essays about narrative planning, literary geography, and using creative methods in collaborative planning. 
I also have some publications in cultural magazines in Farsi. A summary of some of them in English are in the links below:

-Friendship between Harry Potter fans 

-Exploring experience of father’s house based on
Will Barnet’s “Fathers House"

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