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Teaching and Mentorship 

I have taught several courses in the SociologyDesign, Human Development, American Studies and Landscape Architecture departments at UC Davis. I use collaborative methods in teaching such as group working, desk critiques in groups, group discussions, using games, videos and other creative methods to engage students in the class discussions. 

Courses I taught:

-Sociology of Youth: designed syllabus, graded papers, lead the class lectures and discussions, designed the exam and class activities 

-UI/ UX Design: Tutored students about user research and user interface design principles and user testing. 
-Reviewing their applications and providing feed back to their work

-Trend Research and Forecasting in Design: I held discussion sessions and graded the papers around the future of product design. 

-Tech in American life: I held discussion sessions and graded the papers

-People, Place and Culture: The course was about cultural implications of urban life. I graded papers, held office hours and graded exams and helped with designing the exam

-Sustainable Environmental Design: I held discussion sessions and graded the papers and Exams

Design Studios: held working groups, desk critiques, graded the designs, gave feedbacks on students' performance

Ideologies of the Design: held discussion sessions about several ideologies of the design including pre modern and modern thoughts, graded the papers

Human Development: graded papers and gave feed backs on the topics related to behavioral development of kids and young teenagers.

Discussion sessions- Ideologies of the Design, Spring 2019


Working group, Design studio, Winter 2020

I have mentored one of my undergrad students in working on the Creative wanderer project. During the mentorship, Nikki worked on how Human-computer interaction can foster civic engagement. Nikki learned about preparing annotated bibliographies, designing a survey, and doing interviews.

I have also mentored the participants in the Mandela Fellowship program at UC Davis in the summer 2021, where I guided the fellows through their projects. 

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