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I am Mina Rezaei, a design thinker and user experience researcher. My research is about using Human Computer Interaction methods to improve young people's critical spatial thinking. 

Creative Wanderer App
Creative Wanderer improve young people's critical spatial thinking by using non-scientific materials. We use films  to engage young people in their surroundings and learn about spatial concepts. 
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UI/UX design


Critical spatial thinking 

Educational app 

B 2 B model 

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Redesigning Amtrak Station, Davis, CA  


In this project, we used human-centered design approach to redesign Amtrak station in Davis. The project had different parts of data collection, journey mapping, prototyping, and design.

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Design Thinking 

Journey mapping 

Human-Centered Design

UX Research

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A Teenager Friendly Community in Tehran

In this project I used collaborative planning to make a better community for young people. 30 teenagers involved in three stakeholder group meetings and 15 teens were participation through Maptionnaire tool.

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Youth Involvement 

User-Centered Design

Cultural context 

Collaborative Design 

Community-led Design 


Design Thinking for food

In this project, I collaborated with two other team members to find a solution for food access in UCDavis campus. 
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Design Characteristics

Food security

Qualitative and Quantitative Design 

In depth interviews 


Art and Design 

Includes some of my other projects related to painting, drawing and story-  telling.

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Arts and Culture 



Digital Art 

Teaching and Mentorship 

This page represents my experience in teaching and mentorship at UCDavis.

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Collaborative methods 


Landscape Architecture 

American Studies 



Includes my publications in books, scientific journals and cultural magazines. 

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Rocky Hill Trail

Cultural Representations of space  



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