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-Improve conversion rate 


This project is part of my internship as a product UX researcher intern at QuantumWorkplace. Best Place to Work (BPTW) is one of QuantumWorkplace services to expand the Best Places to Work program into 30 markets.

Year: 2022

My Role: Product researcher 

Timeline: July 2022- August 2022

Research Method: -Interviews-Surveys- Competitor analysis- Longitudinal study 

Research Type: Exploratory UXR 

Problem Statement

 Initial Problem Statement 

The conversion rate for Reporting Tools and Custom Survey is lower for Non-HR(Human Resource) titles , while they include more than 60% of our users.  

GOAL: To understand why non-HR coordinators do not upgrade to Reporting Tools and  Custom Survey and plan accordingly. 


1-Longitudananl study 

2-Competitor analysis

4- Interview and Survey 

1. Longitudinal study  

To gain a better understanding of the context of the problems, I reviewed the conversion rate for all the titles during the past years to see if there is a similar trend or if the difference in the conversion rate among different titles is unique to the current year. I learned that the conversion rate for non-HR titles was lower compared to other titles in all of the years. Then, we redefined the problem statement: 

Redefined Problem Statement 

According to information derived from BPTW upgrades by coordinator title in 2020- 2022, the average conversion rate to Reporting Tools and Custom Survey was 16% during this time period. However, this conversion rate for non-HR titles is lower than average, even though non-HR titles include more than 60% of the users. 

2. Competitor analysis

I also did a competitor analysis to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats we have in comparison to our competitors. 

After this initial study, I decided to use interviews and surveys to uncover users' needs based on our time constraints. I used both of the methods to reach more users. 

2. Interview and Survey 

Recruitment Process

We pulled data based on the registration list for BPTW in two regions for 2022. 

We contacted the participants via Email, asking them to fill out a survey (via Hotjar) or a 15-minute interview on Zoom.

Recruitment Criteria: 

●Non-HR coordinators with no updates on the  Survey and Reporting Tools 

●Coordinators with updates on the  survey and Reporting Tools.

We collected 21 responses from both surveys and interviews.

Research Insights and Opportunity Areas 

Based on the interviews and survey results, I identified common themes and defined insights and opportunity areas. 

Research Insights and Opportunity Areas


Key Findings 
Key Findings
I also visualized data using RStudio and Excel to present the survey and interview questions to the stakeholders. First, we asked our participants the main reason for participating in BPTW. Their answers help us to understand more about what they expect from upgrading tools.
We also visualized how users rate (on a scale of 1-5) the usefulness of the Reporting Tools and Custom Survey features to see what features they want more. 
We also asked the users how they share the results with their company so we could understand what features can help them more. 

“Really all you had to do was respond to a few questions based on info about your organization”.


Next Steps

“ We do not want to pay extra money for positive feedback / something that isn’t actionable”.

Non- Upgrader-Interview"

Next Steps
Next Steps 
We learned that we need to work more on the visibility of some of the more important features for our users. For instance, most of our participants-both upgraders and non-upgraders- share their data with the entire organization, and "Align demographic data with the org structure" was one of the most useful features for both upgraders and non-upgraders; we decided to work more on how we can make the title of this feature more understandable.

We also learned that we needed to make the survey more concise, focusing more on analyzing the responses and creating action plans since most participants were looking for recommendations and some competitors had recommendations. We also could add automated tools to analyze data and develop recommendations. 

2021 by Mina Rezaei, All rights reserved

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