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-Designing Zandiyeh Complex

Shiraz, Iran


For this project, I was the project manager and worked with a team of civil engineers, economists, designers, architects, and city planners at Paramadan consulting firm. It is about revitalizing a historic part of the city to appeal to the public. We focused on the historical value and also residents' concerns for improving the quality of the site. Our proposed design was selected among the four best works for Urban Design of Zandyieh historic complex 

Problem statement

Problem statement 

The main problem was devastating the historic value of the site. The site used to be the historic, vibrant core of the city but with modernization, it has been worn down and is used as a parking lot. We took a sustainable design and a participatory approach for the revitalization of the site. 



To explore the historical background of the site, we reviewed related documents, historic maps, and photos. We also interviewed the old residents. We found the potentials and weaknesses of the site. That information also helped us to envisage the proposed plan for the site. 

We understood the importance of gardens in the history of the city formation. Furthermore, The city had unique architectural characteristics. Our concepts for the design focused on revitalizing environmental potentials and architectural values. We proposed green open spaces to bring life back to the area. 

Proposed design

Proposed Design

Our final design is based on the following criteria: 

  • Coherency in the historic and cultural texture of Shiraz

  • Considering pedestrian permeability to the texture

  • Integrating valuable historical sites or buildings 

  • Making vital places in the historical texture


The design represents an integrated space which fosters social interaction, the Inclusion of all groups of people regardless of their age, gender, or social background, diversity of activities, and functions.



In this project, I learned how collaboration between different teams in a design could lead to better results. I also understood that design is a multifaceted process that needs back and forth iterations to be finalized.



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