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-Six Years of Experience in Architecture and Planning Firms


For six years, I have worked in architecture and planning consultancies as a design researcher, urban planner, and designer. I have worked on human-centered design projects with different teams of engineers, sociologists, economists, designers, and architects. This experience has been very fruitful in my transition to UX. These are some of the main transferable skills I learned and mastered in the design and planning consultancies

Working with different stakeholders 

I worked as design researcher lead, design researcher, urban planner and designer with different teams on long and short term projects. This experience boosted my communications and collaboration skills. 

Advocating for users 

The projects I have worked on in these consultancies were all human-centered. We applied many research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, and some quantitative methods based on the project needs. I have strived to bring users' voices to the stakeholders and sometimes there were challenges. 

Problem solving skills 

Working on various design and planning projects in different scales made me confident in approaching problems with various constraints and opportunities, moving between scales, and the context of the problem.

Ability to define compelling stories

As a design researcher working on different architecture and design  projects, I have defined visions and translated research results to the stakeholders in different projects.

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